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Alpine Salamander

Observed: 21st August 2009 By: Garry SykesGarry Sykes’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesGarry Sykes’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

About 10cm long, completely black, shiny

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going by the tip of the tail

going by the tip of the tail it should be Lanza's Salamander however given that species rather limited distribution then alpine salamander is much more likely

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It's like looking..........

It's like looking into the face of our amphibious ancester.


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Alpine salamander

I know what you are refering to, the alpine salamander should have a pointed, rather than rounded, tip to the tail. However, the tail is too long and the parotid glands too large to be a Lanza's salamander. The parotid glands are the swellings behind the eyes. These can excrete poisons which make the salamander unpalatable.

Graham Banwell

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alpine salamander agreement!

Pretty sure about this - the "bulging eyes" are a giveaway.