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Small bee /wasp

Observed: 10th September 2009 By: marilynmmarilynm’s reputation in Invertebratesmarilynm’s reputation in Invertebrates

The smallest bee / wasp I've ever seen I need help identifying this seen on a thistle near the caost.

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The location excludes most of

The location excludes most of the small black Andrena, and the large pale grey foveae make it subopaca.

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Andrena minutula?

Can we safely exclude Andrena minutula, which has a Scotland distribution of "Mainland (includes Inner Hebrides) S of the Oban-Perth line" according to the Highland Biological Recording Group ( I think minutula has similar pale foveae doesn't it? ('foveae' being shallow pits on the 'forehead' just alongside the inner edges of the eyes, and filled with short, fine grey hairs)

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