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Snails in winter

Observed: 18th January 2010 By: marilynmmarilynm’s reputation in Invertebratesmarilynm’s reputation in Invertebrates
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On the south facing wall of the walled garden around the lighthouse, every jutting stone formed a shelter for large numbers of snails. Some smaller banded snails in amongst the larger specimens

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Garden snails AND Banded snails

Sorry - I wasn't clear - the big ones are common snails (although I thought they might have had a fancy name!) - but what are the small ones with stripes / spiral markings in amongst them?

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OK, I see them now. You are

OK, I see them now. You are right, those are not garden snails, but I do not think that they are Cepaea (banded snails) either. Possibly a snail called Theba. Take a look at the ID Guide at

There are a number of snails that have bands!
You need to turn them over to see whether there is a hole called the umbilicus in the centre of the spiral. If there is, then its not Cepaea

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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I'll have to look closer next

I'll have to look closer next visit!! Thanks for the helpful tips!