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Scaup at Stranraer

Observed: 18th January 2010 By: marilynmmarilynm’s reputation in Birdsmarilynm’s reputation in Birds

Large flock of birds at the head of Loch Ryan. Some gulls, mainly Scaup.

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Lone inland Scaup can be more of a problem!

Scaup tend to be found more in coastal habitats than Tufted Duck (typically sheltered bays and lochs). Occasionally one will be found inland on reservoirs or gravel pits where care has to be taken to ensure the identification is correct.
Female Tufted Ducks can have a lot of white at the base of the bill so can look like female Scaup, and hybrids are seen occasionally that look like male Scaup. The rounded head shape (with no hint of a crest) and the grey bill with only a very small black area at the tip are important features to look for if you thing you have found an inland Scaup.
No problem with the identification of the flock in the original photo though!

Edit: I didn't notice initially but the original ID named the birds as hybrid Scaup x Tufted with the scientific name given (A. marila x fuligula).

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Spot the wigeon!

Bob Ford