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Bee or hoverfly

Observed: 4th July 2011 By: FionagilesFionagiles’s reputation in Invertebrates
Bee or hoverfly

During the past week I have noticed a pair of what I think may be Wool-carder bees agressively patrolling a large patch of Stachys bizantina in my garden in South Oxfordshire. They have two wings, resemble a bee in their markings and hover and dart about like hoverflies. They are extemely territorial and have been knocking bumblebees off flowers and chasing them away and have also been seen to land on and embrace other, smaller bees for several seconds, before releasing them. Are these Wool-carder bees, and is this typical behaviour? Are they recent incomers as I cannot find them in my (fairly old)insect ID books?

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they have four wings of course