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Flesh fly

Observed: 30th June 2010 By: pondlifepondlife’s reputation in Invertebratespondlife’s reputation in Invertebratespondlife’s reputation in Invertebratespondlife’s reputation in Invertebrates
flesh fly
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please can you set out how you so confidently identify this female Sarcophaga to species. I cannot even do them under the microscope. I take "I'm as sure as I can be" to mean you are familiar with all the confusion species and can see in the photo all the required identification characters (or have taken and keyed this specimen).

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Hi It was just pot luck all i

It was just pot luck all i have is a couple of Collins wild guide books and if it look's
like the photo i take looks like the picture in the book that's wot i ID it as and hope to be put right by the pro's on this site.


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I think this is

one of the greatest problems with ispot, you have been misled by the ambiguous nature of the levels of confidence available to apply. Taken literally the "I'm as sure as I can be" could be applied to any observation, however little effort has been made to accurately identify it. However, if the confidence levels are to have any meaning at all it must have some objective standard. Clearly having only a couple of Collins guides and referring to them is not all you CAN do, you could buy more books, refer to online checklists to see how many species of Sarcophaga there are and if the guides you have cover them all. You could look at images of Sarcophaga on line and see if any other species look like yours. You could have consulted Wikipedia from which I quote "As typical for this family, it is almost impossible to tell the species apart from their outward appearance, and many can only be reliably identified by microscopic examination of the males' genitalia." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarcophaga. Please keep "I am as sure as I can be" for identifications in groups you know well and have comprehensive literature for.

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Pot luck

If it is pot luck, then perhaps it would be wiser to say "It might be this"? There is nothing worse in natural history recording than 'pot luck' guessing. A bad habit to get into!



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