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A wasp emerging from its cocoon?

Observed: 2nd July 2011 By: valiantveggievaliantveggie’s reputation in Invertebrates
wasp emerging from cocoon?

On the right of the picture is a ladybird larvae(I think) but I'm less certain about what I can seen on the left of the picture. Is it a wasp emerging from its cocoon?

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Left-hand insect is a sawfly

Left-hand insect is a sawfly - can't see any cocoon though, just the wings folded over the abdomen. Ladybird larva is a Harlequin, incidentally

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Thanks for the ID. I'd assumed the insect on the left was a wasp, of some sort, due to what appears to be "little yellow legs" sticking out from the top (of what I'd thought was cocoon of some sort). Thanks for clearing it up. As for the harlequin larvae, is it the distinctive orange "stripe" which distinguishes it from our native ladybirds?

Thanks again!