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IMG_3345 / unknown

Observed: 2nd July 2011 By: WildpadWildpad’s reputation in InvertebratesWildpad’s reputation in InvertebratesWildpad’s reputation in Invertebrates
IMG_3345 / unknown

This is second entry.
ID needed, please. No joy in own books, or web.
Is it perhaps a sawfly? - hunting wasp/perhaps a spider-hunter?
Obviously has several distinct red bands around body.
Unfortunately photo blurred - insect very active.
Was cleaning its wings on an Iris blade.

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There is a sawfly in one of my book's that look's very similar it's Xiphydria prolongata but not 100%.I would say that it is a sawfly species worth a thought.


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Thank you Fenwickfield. I had also noticed the one you mention, but like you say, the markings are not identical. A mystery!