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Glanced out of my bedroom window and saw this lovely fox on nextdoor's lawn. Quite pleased with the results as the light was fading and they were taken through double glazing.

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Lovely photos!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics!

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Hi Vinny What great photos !

Hi Vinny

What great photos ! I think he/she knew you were there !
Best wishes,

Pat Knauff

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What lovely photos - although I'm a bit puzzled as to how they got on my 'My iSPot' as I certajnly didn't take them. All I did was agree with the identification! Still, I'd certainly have liked to have taken them!


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My Spot

Hi Mamoof - once you agree with any identification or post a comment on anyone else's posts, you will be notified of any further changes to that post whenever you click on 'My Spot' - it doesn't just refer to your own observations. Hope that makes sense.

Gill Sinclair
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Hi Gill,
Thanks for your post. It certainly solved a puzzle for me - I was actually beginning to feel guilty at having such gorgeous pictures on my My iSpot!



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Thanks to all for the comments on the pics

It's strange that in the last 10 years I've barely ever had the chance of a half decent picture of a fox. Recently I've had 3 in about 5 weeks! Hoping I can get one soon in decent light.

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What great pics. Just Amazing. Thanks for sharing.