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Which cranesbill

Observed: 25th June 2011 By: Valerie Harrison
West Galloway Scottish Ornithologists' Club
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Species with which Bloody Crane's-bill (Geranium sanguineum) interacts


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Wildlife Ranger........

Wildlife Ranger if you agree with one of the IDs, just click on the 'I agree' button to confirm your agreement. No need to add a further ID which duplicates a preceding one. It's only necessary to add an ID if you disagree with the existing ID/s listed, or the observation has yet to be identified. If you wish to add more information, or comment on the observation made, you can do so in the comments section. Thank you.


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Look at the times of the posts

People adding duplicate revisions is annoying and I have seen some ridiculous examples, but note that Wildlife Ranger added his revision at most 7 minutes after Blewit Boy had posted his, and it can take at least that long to get the names in and type something into the stupidly tiny box. I doubt that Wildlife Ranger had seen he was just beaten to it.


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But ...

I see in another 'observation', Wildlife Ranger added an unnecessary, duplicate revision an hour after the identification had already been made.

I withdraw my defence of him!


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Using I Spot


Thank you for your comments . I identify and have identified many taxa over 20 yrs and in I Spot the basis of confidence is clearly a factor in any algorithym or system possibly adopted by I spot. Respectfully I find people who comment on others often miss the point it is to arrive at ID by the meeting of many minds. There is clearly a differece in saying it might be this ... and I am sure as I can be ... EG I doubt many people key Stubbs in identifying Hovers etc . In terms of your post you are correct in your first post given these are often done between other tasks etc. I think the implication of the views are dont identify a species if I have already done - its mine - is a vain logic . I do agree with you that it can take a while to input , and check that input against current taxonomy with sometimes the odd script error adding delay etc. By the way no one did the courtesy of actually agreeing with the original poster who posted the initial stages of taxonomy

Best Wishes and Happy Snapping

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"If an identification has been suggested by someone else and you agree with them, please do click on the "I agree button", as this helps give confidence in the identification and also helps build the reputation score of the person who has identified it first (see "Reputation on iSpot"). Don't use "Add a revision" to repeat an identification that has already been made (if you want to expand on an existing identification that is best done in the comments for the observation)."