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Butterfy Foxburrow Farm 2

Observed: 28th June 2011 By: Barry_milnerBarry_milner’s reputation in Invertebrates
Butterfy Foxburrow Farm 2

Butterfly feeding on Bosebat Willow Herb.
I think it is a Gatekeeper, my friends think it is a Meadow Brown!

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double eye-spot

Meadow browns occasionally have two white dots in the black spot on the underside of the forewing giving a superficial resemblance to a gatekeeper. An example of this is shown on the UK butterflies website under the subspecies

This variety of the meadow bronwn can be told from gatekeepers by the hindwing underside pattern which is relatively simple in the meadow brown and more complicated and with brown/white eye-spots in the gatekeeper.

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bosebat willowherb

Was a text-editor at work? Rosebay willowherb sounds more likely! (But I quite like the name bosebat.)