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Great Spotted Woodpecker ?

Observed: 20th June 2011 By: arkayveearkayvee’s reputation in Birds
Dendrocopos major ?
Dendrocopos major ? 1
Dendrocopos major ? 1 2

sent the photos to a friend this is their reply:
Hi Rich,
I sent your pictures to an ornithologist friend of mine and add his reply below:
"I have studied my books carefully and all I can say is I don’t think it’s a normal Great Spotted or Lesser Spotted. From my books and the markings I can see I would guess it’s a White Backed Woodpecker which normally frequents South East Europe or Norway coasts.
I would suggest he sends these to the RSPB or the BTO for identification as I don’t know what to think.

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It seems quite normal for a

It seems quite normal for a young GSW to me. WBW does not have a large white shoulder-patch, but is barred like our Lesser SW.



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