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A good year for orchids

Has anyone noticed it being a good year for orchids? I visit a site where I know there is a single orchid to see if it comes back every year. I discovered 6 plants near it, but numerous orchids at the other side of the path. The area is on the flood plain of the river Shannon and flooded last year, but not this year. I will upload the photos tomorrow but I think there were 2 types.



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A good year...

Since observing my first Pyramidal Orchid earlier this week, I've made 32 more sightings of this orchid today. Some have been found on their own in woodland and others en-mass (at least 20 in one place), in the open, on the chalk Sussex Downs.
I would agree it's a good year.

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Not necessarily... in many areas of southern England the spring drought caused many orchid flower spikes to fail. I know a site in Dorset that is usually swathed in Common-spotted Orchids. When I visited in mid-summer I'd estimate the total number of flowers was down by at least 50% - and what remained were stunted to half their usual size. Same applied to Green-winged Orchids at another Dorset site - very poor display.

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The area I live in

The area I live in (Rochdale)was awash with common spotted orchids this year. First time I have ever noticed them and I have lived here thirty years.

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The North South divide, or

The North South divide, or different rainfall patterns. :-)


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Would have to with rain

Would have to go with rainfall patterns. Its only been heavy rain here in the back of beyond this year, as opposed to the usual deluge conditions :-)