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Peregrine Falcon

Observed: 2nd July 2011 By: DizzyBlondeDizzyBlonde’s reputation in BirdsDizzyBlonde’s reputation in Birds

Nesting pair on their 2nd year residency in this church tower. Raised at least 1 chick this year.

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Broad moustache

Broad moustache says yes to me

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Peregrines and Church Towers

I wonder if peregrines are deaf - or at least the ones nesting in church towers. I went to see the Derby Cathedral peregrines and the noise of the bells was too loud for me on the ground let alone right up by the bell tower!

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Deaf birds

Yes I agree. The bells ring regularly & the birds are not one bit bothered at all by the din!

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Peregrine Hearing

I haven't managed to find any authoritative research on the hearing of peregrines - but several websites claim that their hearing is accute.
Be interested to hear if anyone has found a more authoritative website quoting proper research on this issue.

James P Deans