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Observed: 25th August 2010 By: rosa.vane

A yellow scorpion, about 6cm long. Found on the first floor in a house in Ayvalik, Turkey. There had been a farmers market in the square that day.
Upon being stung on the ankle, poison was felt in the waist within a few minutes. Excruciating pain intensified for up to 24hrs and the leg was paralysed and spasmed. After 2 days the pain began to subside and the patient could walk again after 3 or 4 days. It took 10 days for the foot to feel completely normal again. An antidote was given by injection a couple of hours after the sting.

  • Mesobuthus gibbosus
    Confidence: It might be this.
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Without wishing to sound glib as it must have caused a great deal of pain, this is one of the most interesting stories behind an observation I've read on iSpot! I hope the patient recovered completely.

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Very interesting account, but is this a local species ? or was it imported in some produce? eg bananas,Do the locals recognise the problem? ie.have there been other similar bites/stings? ?Did the local Doctor know what antidote to give or was it nonspecific general anidote such as an Antihistamine or steroid injection?

Alan Edwards