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Spring onion

Observed: 1st July 2011 By: KMURRAY

long thin stems with longish green leaves coming off at intervals, leaves have long stems
Found in garden after sowing what i thought was spring onion but it is not. Please can someone tell me what plant this is?


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does anyone know?

please can someone tell me what this plant is?

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Has it flowered and if so

Has it flowered and if so what colour? Possibly sp of vetch or vetchling (Vicia sp or Lathyrus sp.) Could not see from your photograph but does it also have tendrils?

Hope this may help your search

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spring onion

Dear "Has it flowered yet?"

no it hasnt but it doesnt have tendrils

came out of a seed packet so would be surpised if it was a weed...(mix up at factory being only explanation)

thanks for your comment