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Dock squash bug

Observed: 10th October 2009 By: ed stevensed stevens’s reputation in Invertebratesed stevens’s reputation in Invertebratesed stevens’s reputation in Invertebrates
Dock Squash Bug

Quite large brownish shield bug

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Western Conifer Seed Bug

Most of the British records for this recently arrived species have been on the south coast of England, so this one is quite a long way west. Other observations on iSpot:

See also the British Bugs site:

(that site says that FERA need to be informed of sightings, but we checked and this is no longer the case)

For comparison, the Dock Squash Bug is at:

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Coreus marginatus

As this species has been mentioned, it is perhaps worth noting that it disappeared from my garden in 2009 and there have been a similar lack of reports from other places in Gloucestershire.

Robert Homan

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Coreus marginatus

Coreus marginatus has been a regular in my Buckinghamshire garden, last recorded in April 2009, but didn't notice any in the autumn.

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