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Green canes from brown, with flowers - June '11

Observed: 29th June 2011 By: philiprmsheppard
Green canes from brown, with flowers - June '11
Full depth and height of canes with flowers - June 11
Leaf structure
Flower on cane type stem #2 with flash - June '11
#2 cane system under oak - green canes growing out of brown into under canopy
#2 cane system - view up in to oak canopy
#2 system - leaf scale as large as male adult hand
#2 system - leaf stem structure
#2 system - full green height [child is 1.3m] with #3 system behind
internal system of #2
#2 system [possible overlap with adjoining plant #3] - leaf stem structure
internal cane system for #3 plant

I have been unable to identify this plant system; given the rapid cane like growth, and shape of the leaves, I initially thought it was Japanese Knot-weed. I sought advice from members of my environmental team [at work] at drew blanks [ruled out knotweed].

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