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Mullein Hybrid ??? or White Mullein

Observed: 21st June 2011 By: sevenoysterssevenoysters’s reputation in Plantssevenoysters’s reputation in Plantssevenoysters’s reputation in Plants
ix_0246 mullein
ix_0243 mullein
ix_0244 mullein

One of several white flowered mulleins growing in open woodland at Queendown Warren, Kent Wooded chalk downland.

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Don't really know!

Stace was terrifying - everything can cross with everything else!
Rose - picture of Moth Mullein shows yellow flowers, with hairy purple stamens but the text says fls 'usually white (sometimes yellow)' which would fit - on the other hand it also says the flowers are single in the axils of each bract...
It doesn't look much like the picture of White Mullein though. Perhaps a white version of Dark Mullein? Seems that you need close up side-on photos of each individual stamen, to see how the anther is attached to the filament (some have 3 attached one way and the other two attached differently).
The mullein I found yesterday was much easier - simple Great Mullein. Not nearly as interesting!

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verbascum nigrum var album

Thank you cicuta58 and chalkie for your suggestions.

I read a description of nigrum var album that mentioned that the petals are crimson coloured at the base. The petals on these plants have no colour variation at the base. Is this difference significant enough to rule out var album ??

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Dark Mullein

I doubt if totally white flowers are of significance. The yellow-flowered plant you show looks like V. nigrum as well.


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to cicuta58

thanks very much for your reply- will go for 'album'.