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Dead Bat

Observed: 2nd July 2011 By: BredonBredon’s reputation in MammalsBredon’s reputation in Mammals
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Found on path. Usual place favoured by neighbours cat for leaving dead offerings. Wouldn't have thought that cat's preyed on bats?

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Cats will certainly take bats

Cats will certainly take bats as they swoop low down over long grass chasing insects - think they're pretty safe most of the time though!

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Wise!! only case of death thro' Rabies, for many years,in a bat expert recently.Rabies is unknown in Britain since current quarantine laws(early 1900's)but a form exists in bats which is not a problem except if an infected individual is handled.Best not to touch live or dead specimens,may be illegal any way!

Alan Edwards

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Cats and bats.

Someone who helps in a Wildlife Rescue Centre told me that cat inflicted injuries are the most common that they see in bats.

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Cats and bats

Yes, sadly cats catch a lot of bats, normally for sport rather than prey. Pipistrelles often roost under the eaves of houses or under flat roofs, so bats can wait below (or even on the roof) and swat them out of the air.


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