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Beetle - id requested

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Beetle - IMG 1084
Beetle - IMG 1085

Small beetle on giant hogweed stem on a woodland ride

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It might be difficult to get

It might be difficult to get much further than this, although these are good photos...could you give an approximate size for the beastie?

Rob Coleman

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Leaf beetle size

My recollection is that it was about the size of a 7-spot ladybird. It was very small and I had a lot of difficulty getting the photos as it was wandering about! Definitely Hogweed, perhaps not Giant - I'm not too sure in hindsight. Sorry. From my own field guide I had it as a possible Chrysolina sp. but unfortunately the one suggested isn't in my guide.


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The colour is a little unusual for C. oricalcia (usually dark blue) but not unknown, and many leaf beetles are very variable in colour. The pattern of punctures on the elytra looks to be right, along with the shiny pronotum with fine punctures, which is also the right shape. These features are more diagnostic than the colour, so, given the foodplant and habitat, I agree it's C. oricalcia.