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Solomon's seal sawfly larvae

Observed: 21st June 2009 By: Jonathan
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Solomns seal sawfly2
Solomons seals sawfly1

These appear in my garden each year. Interesting how aggregated they are. Some leaflets have none, others are like the picture

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wonder if they affect the

wonder if they affect the wild plants so much, don't remember them being eaten but its a long time since i've seen the plants in the wild.

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Solomon's seal sawfly

I was in Millington Wood, an ancient ash woodland in the Yorkshire Wolds, last week where there are carpets of Solomon's seal. I saw no evidence of the sawfly larvae; is it a southern species?

Graham Banwell

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I have this pest in my garden . Renfrewshire. Just found it this year.

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I don't know how far north it

I don't know how far north it gets or how common it is in Scotland, but I have just found some in my garden in NH45, N of Inverness.



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distribution and foodplants

Benson's Royal Ent. Soc. key to sawflies was published in 1952, and he describes how P. aterrima had been first found in Britain in Putney (London) in 1846, but didn't start spreading much more widely until the 20th century, when it quickly spread through southern England and Wales. He says that by 1931 it had reached Notts, by 1938 Staffs, and by 1949 Cheshire.

Benson describes Solomon's-seal as its main foodplant, both wild and in gardens, but it can also feed on related species, and on the continent has been recorded from Lily-of-the-Valley; see the BRC foodplant database:

The sawfly recording scheme doesn't yet provide records to the NBN gateway, so the NBN map is misleadingly sparese at the moment:

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