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Jonathan - Valeriana officinalis - 13 July 2008 - 1:35pm

Observed: 13th July 2008 By: Jonathan
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Valeriana officinalis (common valerian) 13-07-2008 10-13-55
Valeriana officinalis (common valerian) 13-07-2008 10-14-17

Common valerian

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no other

There appears to be no other white Valeriana with this distinctive leaf structure.
So, a second agreement after 5 years' waitin'!

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Funny, isn't it?
Two more people in one DOES that happen? How did they know? Does a flag come up somewhere?

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It popped up... my Unread list, presumably as a result of your agreement. All your fault!

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Goodness Alyson, do you them all?

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All the Unread, but only in Plants. It's not too many, especially at this time of year.