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Two-tone treee

Observed: 30th June 2011 By: Million_MomentsMillion_Moments’s reputation in PlantsMillion_Moments’s reputation in PlantsMillion_Moments’s reputation in Plants
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I do not know if this variegated maple is due to a bad grafting choice, a reversion of the rest of the tree or a mutation in the variegated part.

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Acer platanoides ' Drummondii'

Part of the tree has reverted, not uncommon in variegated plants that are notoriously unstable.The green foliage would be able to photosynthesise more rapidly than the variegated type, so ideally the green needs to be removed, in this case it may have gone to far.

David J Trevan

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It's interesting because far

It's interesting because far more of the plant is green, in fact from the opposite side of the tree it is all green. University estates must not have realised.