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Bank vole

Observed: 29th June 2011 By: Marion JMarion J’s reputation in Mammals
bank vole
bank vole 1
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The vole spent some time nipping off pieces of plant and dragging them into its hole - it seems to have a network of tunnels in an overgrown, rocky bank. Often out in daylight.

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vole tail

I have added my only photo of the vole's rear end - the tail is partly hidden The vole looks more red-brown in this photo. This is the back garden vole. I have also added photos of the front garden voles, on grass under bird feeder, which are red-brown, tails just visible, for comparison. From observation, these voles do appear a richer, darker colour than the original vole, and possibly smaller, though they are more distant, so it is hard to say. Maybe we have a field vole in the bank at the back and bank voles in the grass at the front!

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Lots of voles

Well, you certainly are lucky to have so many voles feeding near your house, whatever species they are! The voles in the other photos do looker darker and redder, but still difficult to call without seeing the whole tail. We shall wait for a more expert opinion:-)

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