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Wall Brown

Observed: 4th August 2009 By: calibancaliban’s reputation in Invertebratescaliban’s reputation in Invertebrates
Wall Brown

Wall Brown Butterfly

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Wall butterfly

You might like to edit this observation so that it appears in the Invertebrates group, where more people may see it.

Wall Brown has vanished from my area, only ever see them when I go on holiday further north or at the coast.

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This is a nice shot of a

This is a nice shot of a species that is not easy to photograph. Wall Brown seems to have declined in Norfolk in the 10 years I've been living there - I used to see them inland but now I only ever encounter them on the coast.

Rob Coleman

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They have mostly vanished from inland locations - there are still some in the brecks, but otherwise the distribution is coastal now. Strongholds in Norfolk are the northern coast between Holkham and Wells, and the Suffolk/Norfolk border south of Great Yarmouth - particularly Burgh Castle.

However, we are short of records - the photo above is only the second Wall report for Wells since 2003. Records (species, date, grid ref and number seen) can be sent to
There's an old distribution map (to 2000) at

A current map will be up next year for 2001-2010 - it will show a dramatic decline.

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Wall Brown

23 February 2010 margyp

The only one I have seen and photographed was on the coastline between the Lizard and Porthleven, Cornwall, May 2008. It started my interest in butterflies.

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Wall Brown

Saw one of these in Llandrindod, Mid Wales a couple of years back - definitely not coastal. However, I do go there regularly, and have not seen any others.