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Observed: 1st July 2011 By: spacemouses

Eggs of something. The blob is about 6mm across. I saw one last year much bigger. On wet peat.

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No where near standing water, unless you count water in 'ditch' which comes and goes with the weather. Found them under a very wet peat that I was lifting.

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eggs on peat

These are certainly caddis eggs of the family Limnephilidae. The egg mass is very small when laid but takes up water and swells. The larvae will hatch in the jelly and stay there until the water level rises when they will leave the jelly and start a free life.

Ian Wallace, UK Trichoptera Recording Scheme

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Sorry, but there is no water

Sorry, but there is no water to rise! These are basically on the ground under a 'cut' peat. There is 'water in the ditch at bottom of peat bank but these are several feet away and will not get into water. Next year if I see any, I will bring them home to watch! Only ever seen 1 or 2 blobs of them. On same bit of moor. I not debating your ID, as I have no idea at all.