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Unknown chirrup

Observed: 30th June 2011 By: Goldfish59

Late dusk on very clear evening. Loud repeated chirrup sounds - very similar to cicada coming from boggy area with yellow flag, willow herb and long grasses. Heard previously in April and now again at end of June. Carries at least a quarter of a mile. Have recorded on iPhone but don't know how to upload. Would love to know the source, please help.
Further research - could this have been a grasshopper warbler?


No identification made yet.

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Just been doing some research

Just been doing some research and think we have heard a grasshopper warbler. Is this the likely culprit?

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Grasshopper warbler sounds like a distant fishing reel.

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Any further suggestions? Do

Any further suggestions? Do you know how I can upload the recording so that you could have a listen? Thanks for your time in replying.

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Sorry I don't know how to upload recordings. I do know that they need to be hosted on another site and linked to ispot.

Are you sure its a bird? Try natterjack toad or cricket?


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Tried both - can't find a

Tried both - can't find a cricket that would be loud enough. Natterjack a possibility. I can email the sound (think?)

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Funnily enough I was near there earlier this week. Could have come a listened for myself.
Have a listen to nightjar on RSPB website.