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Observed: 10th January 2010 By: leytonorient
white's thrush 1 0

partly whitish background, mottled brown/black spots

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Sorry yes, it's 'just a starling'. They have different plumages throughout the year.


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'just a Starling' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh, one of the most beautiful birds in the UK. Definately not 'just a Starling'

Sam, Student.

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Notice the inverted commas!

I agree hence the use of inverted commas. It is what people say, I agree they are beautiful birds!

There is a starling (well I think it is the same one) onm y walk to work that mimics a great spotted woodpecker. He sits on an antenna on a roof top and gets me really excited every time I hear it.. until I realise it is the same so-and-so again. I swear he does it on purpose, sees me coming a mile off.


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and still a bit too early to tell whether it is male or female. As they come into breeding condition the base of the lower mandible (bill) changes colour- yes - blue for a boy, pinkish for a girl.