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Yellow mushroom in clover

Observed: 18th October 2010 By: Maire
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Possibly Armillaria spp. Can you post any of the underside of the cap (i.e. the gills) and stem please?


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I'd go for sulphur tuft

I'd go for sulphur tuft

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Maybe Fairy Ring Champignon (M. oreades)?

This appears to be hygrophanous (going a bit see though at the edges of the cap). I'm not sure sulphur tuft exhibits this. Also that normally grows on rotting wood, although that could still be true, we just can't see.

Could be Marasmius oreades, but I'd like to look underneath and know how it was growing, i.e., only in a clump, ring etc.?

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If you look closely at some

If you look closely at some of the bits where you can see parts of flesh or gills they are yellowish. Also sulphur tuft often cracks like this one is doing and the general shape of cap and overall look is very much like sulpur tuft. M. oreades is a much thinner less meaty mushroom and colouring is different.