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Grass Moth - ID help please

Observed: 28th June 2011 By: Sue HendrieSue Hendrie’s reputation in InvertebratesSue Hendrie’s reputation in InvertebratesSue Hendrie’s reputation in InvertebratesSue Hendrie’s reputation in Invertebrates

Apologies for poor photos but only had snappy cam with me. Yellowish moth with distinctive maroon markings flying when disturbed in long rough grass on outskirts of Wallingford

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'if you want to extend beyond macro moths'

Beware the odd mistake in Manley, though, and the many missing species. A really useful resource is UKMoths...the page for this species being...

Once you start to get a feel for the different families, the thumbnail search is a great help.


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Manley is not complete (neither is UkMoths for that matter) but can be very helpful for getting you close to the right answer to help find it in other resources.

I use the iPod version of Manley myself and tend to want to supplement it with other resources.

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Many thanks for the advice

I've now bought a copy of Chris Manley's British Moths so hopefully will get a bit better at identification. I had tried using UKMoths but not knowing enough about families didn't know where to start!!

Sue Hendrie

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UK moths

I felt the same, when I started with moths! However, if you persevere and use the site's thumbnail facility, you quickly get a feel for families, which is of a huge benefit to your enjoyment of mothing. Add Manley to that, and you can quite soon feel at home with most families of moths!

There are other useful sites for confirming your sightings, like the Norfolk Moths site, which I often look at...

The internet is an amazing resource for mothers...have an explore!


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