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Roe Deer?

Observed: 7th June 2011 By: jhn7
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This poor deer and her 2 fawns found themselves between my dog (who had been in the stream) and an approaching dog and walker. She leapt up the bank with 1 youngster but the other seemed unsure whether to move at all. Luckily neither dog took any notice and the fawn responded to it's mother's calls and joined the family.

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Roe Deer

Looks like a Roe Deer to me, but I think that your comment in the notes of the posted ID just shows how difficult it is to judge size (unless it's just an error?) - Fallow Deer are actually larger than Roe Deer!

I'd also be curious to know how common 'twins' are in Roe Deer, and other deer species - any idea anyone?

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Poor knowledge!

You are quite correct Fallow are larger than Roe but I had to look it up to confirm this. I don't know why I had always believed the reverse - how stupid of me!

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Big ears

The doe has very long ears - looks like she's a rabbit-roe hybrid!

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