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Welcome to the iSpot Scotland Forum

It is good to see an increasing number of iSpot posts coming from Scotland, and from residents rather than visitors from the south - although all are very welcome!

So far this summer we have suffered from a surfeit of rather cool weather, but that has not stopped the wonderful variety of wildlife we have - in our gardens, parks and roadsides as well as in wilder places. Wherever you are, you can observe and record wildlife, and iSpot can help you gain and improve skills at identifying what you see.

To get some ideas on what you might find, apart from the obvious birds and plants, you can visit the HBRG TRY! page, or the Scottish Fungi ‘Fungus of the Month’ feature at These lesser-known plants and animals often have fascinating life histories and ecology, and that can lead you down all sorts of unsuspected roads to new interests.

Good hunting, and use this Forum to share your findings more widely.

Murdo Macdonald
Mentor, Scotland



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Hi Murdo, I'm fairly new to

Hi Murdo,
I'm fairly new to iSpot (OU student) and just came across this forum today. I'll look forward to using it. One question, though - would I still put OBSERVATIONS in the usual place as well as here? Or should it be one or the other (as I said, I'm new to this, so you might be getting quite a few questions!).
Myra (Kirkcaldy)

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Apologies for not noticing

Apologies for not noticing this, Myra. I thought I would be notified if there was a post to this forum, but obviously not!

Yes observations should be put in the usual place, and the forum left for discussions. I will try to be more vigilant in future.



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