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Software to identify wild flowers

Is there any identification software that works for flowers? Like the Picassa software for faces. Or can some existing software be modified?

I am cataloging some of the wildlife in a part of S. France and while there are books full of photos, hammering through them for a sometimes missing example is discouraging!



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You could try

You could try but it is intended for identification of plants found in Britain and Ireland.

The BSBI have various downloadable keys on their website:

Kew Gardens are doing a research project to see if computers can learn to recognise wildflowers from photographs but fully developed software could be a while away!

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Flower ID software

Thanks for your helpful suggestions. It sounds more complicated than I feared!

Does anyone know if existing software (eg face ID)can be tweaked? Or is it closely guarded copyright?

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I fear that tweaking is probably a drastic understatement of what would actually be required to make the software work as you want it to. Just consider how many different flowers it would have to be able to recognize and then all the variations on the theme of a single flower.