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Which crucifer?

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I assume this is a crucifer, but I have had no luck comparing it to those in my book. It's leaves are very large.

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That caught me out.

I couldn't think what it was either - the picture in Rose only shows the seeds, which aren't in the photo, and I think it's always had seeds when I've seen it before - it's obvious now I know what it is... Hopefully it'll be easier to spot next time, now I've seen this photo.

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Yeah I never had a chance of

Yeah I never had a chance of finding it in Rose, I was going through the crucifers comparing the leaves to the pictures. I should probably learn to read the descriptions...

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well, ahem, perhaps you need

well, ahem, perhaps you need a certain book called "Crucifers of Great Britain and Ireland" published by the BSBI, I forget the author...

Tim Rich

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It would be nice to see

It would be nice to see pictures of crucifers that AREN'T Arabidopsis...

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Well I saw some today.

It was only growing in our vegetable garden. At least I recognised it straight away. Don't remember seeing it there before though. Maybe the crucifers book will be the next one to add to my rapidly growing plant book collection! (I've already spent well over £100 on plant books already this year - but there are much more expensive hobbies I suppose.)