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Observed: 28th June 2011 By: mamoof
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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The red spotted woodpeckers weren't around when I took this photograph, but the birds have been featured in our local newspaper as this is the fifth year that a pair has nested in what is claimed to be the country's only all-wooden bell tower - the church being over 600 years old. It has already cost £8,500 for repairs to the roof, and within the next few years could run up a bill for £150,000 for a complete replacement of the wooden shingles. Ideas for persuading the birds to go and build elsewhere next year would be warmly welcomed (but not any scaring device which would disturb the three kinds of bats which also live in the tower!)

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I remember somewhere they put wooden black woodpeckers on telegraph poles to stop GSW from nesting. I don't know if it worked though.

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Thanking for help

To Carstairs: Thank you for confirming my identification - and I'll pass your suggestion as to how to deter the birds from nesting in the tower, on to the Church wardens. All the best,