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Small mushrooms in grass

Observed: 27th June 2011 By: philjunebridephiljunebride’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensphiljunebride’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensphiljunebride’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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Possibly Paneolus, but hard to tell without more photos.


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Panaeolus cinctulus

Yes, this looks to be Panaeolus cinctulus, the robust nature of the stem and the two toned cap are good characteristics but would need a few more pics to confirm.

Andy Overall

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Panaeolus cinctulus?

We should discourage speculation based on so little information - 'robust stem and two toned cap' are certainly good characteristics Andy - of many different types of fungi as you would know. There just isn't enough information in the pictures to be as precise as the suggestion so far.The images I've seen of Pan. cinctulus (formerly known as Pan. subbalteatus?) don't look like the ones shown here on I-spot... see here and Phillips gives the height as 60-90 mm but the grass in the pic doesn't look that long....
Come on, let's encourage posters to include some information (smell for example) and if possible a shot of the gills and a cross section and even something to give scale...