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'Striped' aphids

Observed: 25th June 2011 By: duckinwalesduckinwales’s reputation in Invertebrates

'Striped' Aphids on Common Walnut

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Latin name

Prenolepis imparis appears to be an ant

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Yes you're right! The website

Yes you're right! The website I looked at seemed quite good discussing the differences between the 2 common species of walnut aphid, but the image for the Dusky-veined aphid was wrongly labelled with the ant species name for some inexplicable reason! They also give the name as Callaphis juglandis but elsewhere (and on NBN) it is given as Panaphis juglandis.

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Panaphis looks more likely

Yes, Panaphis looks a better bet. Chromaphis is a pale yellowish aphid, but some images that appear for it in Google show Panaphis instead.

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Yes I found that too - just

Yes I found that too - just goes to show you can't always trust the internet!