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Completely lost - please help!

Observed: 11th June 2011 By: Ipomoea_B

Plant ca. 60 cm tall, grew in clumps along footpath through pasture land less than 500 metres from coast.
Flowering had almost finished at the time I took the photo, can unfortunately not tell from any I took whether there are 4 or 5 of the huge, warty seeds per flower.
Leaves covered with white hairs.
Some features make me think that it may belong to the Boraginaceae (leaves and flowers made me think of Echium vulgare and/or borage), but couldn't find anything that resembles it in my plant guide.
I'm really curious what this is and would appreciate any ID greatly!

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Glad I got at least the

Glad I got at least the family right...
Thanks very much!