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Is this a bee, beetle or something else?

Observed: 27th June 2011 By: LadyPiglet

I live on the top floor of a three floor block of flats, amidst a housing estate, which is located between a motorway and fields. Over the last few weeks, from about 8/9pm (dusk), my partner and I have noticed large flying insects outside our windows. At first we thought they were bees, but now we're not so sure. They look brown, no stripes (from what we can see) and seem to fly in groups. I've attached the best picture I've managed to take so far, but will continue to take photos and upload if I get a better one. If you are able to open the attached image, you can see the insect has fairly long, dangly legs (longer than a bee, but shorter than a daddy long legs) and antennae. Please help, the intrigue is so frustrating!

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