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Welcome to Yorkshire

Welcome to the Yorkshire regional forum - sounds like something the government would create!

This is the place for all things regional. post any iSpot observations of regional interest; wildlife news concerning Yorkshire; trends in regional wildlife; promotion of wildlife events in Yorkshire and anything else you think Yorkshire folk may be interested in.

Look forward to communicating.



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Well, always willing to chat about insects around Barnsley, or anywhere in Yorkshire come to that.

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Flower / taste ID

I live in Hebden Bridge and during the summer, I could smell the most beautiful smell from a tree in the park. I assumed it was jasmine flowers and I picked lots then made a cordial.

However, since then, I have been told it is too large to be jasmine and may be mock orange and that I shouldn't eat / drink it.

What do you guys know? It smells (as a cordial, too) delicious...almost like dried figs. Thanks!

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Hi Mark,

I live in Sowerby Bridge, I'm not familiar with the tree but could take a look next year when it is in flower.
There are a number of Mock Oranges in this area.
Have you tried looking at some images of Mock Orange to see if it looks like a match?