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Ian and Opal 005

Observed: 23rd June 2011 By: dac365
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
Ian and Opal 005

I think this is a badgers den? please confirm?

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Badgers den

Hi, thanks for the help.
I couldn't see any hair. Size was about a foot across.

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Unfortunately, I have to agree with Syrphus, without scale or more detail it is hard to say who lives here.

There appears to be fresh soil so it is likely something is using it. If it were badger I'd expect more bedding outside and a larger pile of soil. If rabbit, I'd expect droppings outside the entrance and if fox then you would probably smell it.

However, that said, none of these signs are always present.

Can you give an idea of the size?

Graham Banwell

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I agree with Syrphus and The Naturalist Man as it is very hard to tell the difference between badger sett and a fox den unless there is i.e. bedding / footprints.

was there a musky smell to the hole if so its most defiantly fox .

Pete Diggens.

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is this the ONLY hole? if so,

is this the ONLY hole? if so, badger seems very doubtful to me- wrong shape and not enough spoil.
ive seen tens of thousands of setts.

admittedly the spoil has a groove but its small. i would say (unless you smell fox) then this probably Rabbit.

even finding a badger hair (roll it between your fingers - they have an "edge") would not be proof. they often sniff inside holes or open them out a little.

best thing you can do ian is watch the hole and see what comes out!