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This is the picture i think works best for showing you this strange insect!

Observed: 26th June 2011 By: Claujuh

Okay. so it was my very first time loading an image...i loaded two not knowing iSpot would choose the first one...first one was NOT the ideal one to accompany the written description i gave. so. THIS is the picture to look at! now what the heck IS it? unfortunately it died while in transport back to my house...with the piece of leaf it was eating still in its mouth. the size of a ladybug with similar coloring...but with CLAWS.

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This is a Harlequin ladybird

This is a Harlequin ladybird pupa - a hind view of it. The orange thing is the pupa itself, and the black & white is the shed larval skin (the large white spines are a good clue that this is a Harlequin). I think these spines are what you're calling 'claws'?

The head is actually at the other end, so you can't see what would have in its mouth (it doesn't actually have a functional mouth at this stage). They're carnivorous as both larvae and adults, so would be very unlikely to have a leaf in the mouth at any stage, except by accident!

It's entirely possible that it isn't dead - as it's a pupa, it won't be doing too much moving! By the colouration it's probably a few days old already, so if you still have it, stick it in a pot in the shade and you should be able to see the adult in a few days time.

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