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What the heck is THIS?

Observed: 26th June 2011 By: Claujuh

I found this insect on a leaf of a plant at a farm market where i was looking for plants for shade gardens. when i touched it, its rear end reared up (no pun intended...)and what i now know are microscopic claws sprung forward at its front end to grab on to the leaf it was eating. i brought the leaf home so i could look at the insect under my "geoscope" which magnifies things x300.....i was amazed to see the little claws close a fiddler crab only verrrrry tiny! i don't think the photo really does it justice but maybe the size of it, like a ladybug, and the colorings and shape will help someone to identify it. weirdest thing i have ever found so i find it very exciting! only other bug lovers would understand. i once looked at a flea comb after finding fleas on my cat and i watched a flea spit out seven eggs in a row. but THIS is better!


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