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Smooth newt

Observed: 24th June 2011 By: ana
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about 4 cm long, found curled under damp foliage

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This is a palmate newt please

This is a palmate newt

please see the blog here.

The author was a former amphibian specialist at Natural England

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Literature ref for ID of Juveniles

I've been checking up on the ID of juvenile newts (see the blog above). As I was familiar with this way of IDing juvenile Lissotriton newts but couldn't remember the source.

I've found a quote in a couple of my books and reference to the original paper.

From Newts and Salamanders of Europe, by Richard Griffiths (1996): "Immature newts my be identified as palmate newts by a light-coloured dorsal stripe which runs down the neck, down the back and on to the tail. This is yellow-orange in colour and of equal intensity along its length."

This is described in this paper: Roberts & Griffiths, 1992. The dorsal stripe in newt efts: a method for distinguishing Triturus vulgaris and T. helveticus. Amphibia-Reptilia 13: 13-19

I have added a post in the forum which expands on this: