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Observed: 26th June 2011 By: smb74
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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There were a lot of these tiny transparent blobs on the beach which we though were jelly fish. These were about the size of a large thumb nail.

This was seen on the beach at Great Yarmouth, between Wellington Pier and Britannia Pier. There were quite a lot of them and I presume they had just been washed up on the tide.

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Just for your interest -

We holiday along the Norfolk coast most years, and these 'creatures' are very common there. If placed in clear water, their internal organs and filaments can be seen as they swim around.

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Thanks for your comments and

Thanks for your comments and identifications. I did not see any of these in the sea, but I was on the beach rather than in the water.


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You used to be able to get a

You used to be able to get a list directly from NBN but now must go to ,click on the groups box & scroll down to Comb jelly (ctenophora).You then get 15 entries, but only 3 are UK species (P p, Beroe cucumis & Bolinopsis infundibulum).For some reason there's a 4th with "zero records",Mnemiopsis leidyi which isn't found in the UK.These are all significantly different from the sea gooseberry. See & Beroe cucumis & Bolinopsis infundibulum

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There's 2 equally obvious Sea

There's 2 equally obvious Sea gooseberries similarly mis-ID'd at &
See also