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Small Silver Coloured Fish

Observed: 26th June 2011 By: smb74
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
Small fish seen at Great Yarmouth.

This small fish had been washed up by the tide and was seen between Wellington Pier and Britannia Pier at Great Yarmouth.

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If you reclassify this as a fish rather than as "other organism" then the iSpot features will work better.

David Howdon

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This little fish is likely to

This little fish is likely to be a sprat or a herring. Without being able to see how the pelvic fin relates to the dorsal fin it isnt possible to say which it is. It isnt Sardina pilchardus as it is too flattened for it, not round enough. The belly is much too blade-like for sardine/pilchard and the scales are too small.

The pelvic fin looks far enough back toward the anal fin to be Clupea harengus but without seeing exactly where the dorsal starts, its hard to conclusively rule out Sprattus sprattus. What can be seen of the dorsal area shows some blue colouration beneath the scales. This is often quoted to be an indicating feature of Clupea harengus.


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It's now a fish

(I agreed pisces, then removed the agreement). But which ID's right I couldn't say