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Bombus pascuorum

Observed: 24th June 2011 By: Becky WilliamsonBecky Williamson’s reputation in InvertebratesBecky Williamson’s reputation in Invertebrates
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On one of our nature rambles we caught a photo of this beautiful bumble bee on a Marsh Thistle. Are we correct in our id of Bombus pascuorum?

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Carder Bee

Thanks Syrphus, but what do you mean by 'black hairs'? (I'm new to bumble bees!)

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The two brown carders we have

The two brown carders we have in Scotland (pascuorum and muscorum) are very similar. The first is very common almost everywhere except the W Isles and Shetland. The other is much scarcer.

Both can be devoid of black hairs on the abdomen, when ID becomes very tricky. If you have one with a lot of black hair on the abdomen, it will be pascuorum. With experience you can do them in the field, but the only certain way for a beginner is a bit of dissection.



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Brown Carders

Thanks Syrphus. I'll be taking a closer look next time.