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Bats in courtyard

Observed: 26th June 2011 By: BredonBredon’s reputation in MammalsBredon’s reputation in Mammals

Just outside cottage, in court yard at dusk, saw up to 4 bats at once. Detected with Magenta bat4 detector, around 53 kHz.

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What noise did you hear at 53kHz? Pipistrelles can be picked up from around 20-80kHz but the strongest, distinctive call, is heard around 45kHz. There is a soprano pipistrelle which has the pipistrelle call at 55kHz, this is a separate species - P. pygmaeus.

Graham Banwell

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Bat ID

Very difficult to describe! Short chirping? Tried to confirm findings last night but bats did not appear. A near neighbour had left an outside light on. Could that have kept them away? Will try again tonight. Not sure how accurate the scale on the detector is.