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Observed: 26th June 2011 By: JessiccaMooreJessiccaMoore’s reputation in Birds
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Could this be a sparrowhawk's tail feather? How big was the feather?

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It was about 20cm long.

It was about 20cm long.

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Tail feather

Sparrowhawk tail feathers are grey with dark brown bars. The tip of the feather has a dark band and there are only 4 or 5 dark bars.

This looks like an Owl feather, and is a wing feather, with loose plumes on the inner edge. Pretty sure it is a Tawny Owl.


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Silent Hunter.

The loose plumes on the inner edge baffle the air flow in fight, enabling owls to strike silently, coming out of nowhere.

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moulting owls

I had a similar feather brought to me last weekend, from Southampton. Perhaps tawnies moult at this time of year?

Bob Ford

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Thank you all for the information :)